Reasons to visit a kosher hotel

If you plan on paying a visit to the city of Prague in the Czech Republic, then you should consider lodging at a kosher hotel in Prague for the duration of your stay. Kosher hotels offer specialized services and there are quite a number of them in the beautiful city of Prague. If you are wondering what benefits a kosher hotel has to offer, here are a few of them –

Connection to Jewish Culture

The Jews are believed to be a holy people and this reflects in every aspect of their lives. You will get to see how Jews connect with one another as they pray together, eat together, interact together and stay together as a community.


Most kosher hotels in Prague feature a synagogue within the premises so as to give guests a convenient avenue for prayers. Now you no longer have to walk outside the hotel in search of a place of prayer. The synagogues are usually open 247 and prayers are observed at specific times.


Free Wi-Fi and Air Conditioning

Kosher hotels in Prague offer free internet access to guests so that they can have access to information on the web and stay online conveniently. The rooms are also air-conditioned and you may also find that other areas of the hotel are also air-conditioned.

Well-trained staff

Kosher hotel personnel are highly trained and well groomed to give you the best service in a friendly and warm manner. The staff are professionals and will assist you from the point of entry till the time of departure. Feel free to make complaints about any issues that you have while at a kosher hotel in Prague and you will be attended to urgently.

Kosher dishes

Kosher hotels in Prague have a high sense of hygiene by observing the strictest standards when it comes to food according to the laws of the Torah. There are a lot of laws which are aimed at promoting health. It is forbidden to eat animals that were not slaughtered properly and had its blood drained as this is one of the ways that bacteria grow. It is also forbidden to eat animals which have health problems or lung abscess. It is forbidden for milk and meat to be eaten in one dish as they digest at different rates which can be tough for the body to handle. Foods which can cause hives such as shellfish and lobsters are not eaten too. Prey birds are also not kosher.

Tourist attractions

There are great places and locations that you can visit when you lodge at a kosher hotel in Prague. In the New Town, you will find the Republic Square which has historical buildings like the national museum and also the municipality house. You can also easily access the Jewish Quarter which has a Jewish museum, the Altneuschul, the Jewish cemetery, and lots more. The Jewish Quarter is a very popular tourist site and you will be sure to enjoy its great views.

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