The 5 good tips to better manage your money

Our money is a bit like our health, we must take care of ourselves, our money, do not abandon them, do not leave them for example on a current account and know what enters and what goes out in our family budget.

2. Inform yourself well

As in many other choices, for example when we go on vacation, we inform ourselves of the quality of the beaches, of the hotel and even when we make financial choices, we must be well informed. 

3. Compare more products

It is important to compare more financial products so you can buy the best product at the lowest price, the same principle that we use every day when we go to the market for example to buy fruit.

4. Do not sign what you did not understand

Knowledge is important and helps us understand what we are buying and it is also a duty of those who sell the product to make us understand all the characteristics and conditions of the financial product.

5. The more you earn the more risk

When we participate in activities with more risk, we must request compensation for this risk. If the return is high, we are taking risks. In finance there are no easy gains.

“By following these simple suggestions – concludes Lusardi – I think we can decide peacefully and that we can make financial choices that help us live better”. 

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