Ten good beach tips

Do you know all the secrets of the beach? Or those healthy behaviors that give wellness to summer relaxation? There are at least ten and concern sun exposure, pre and post bath, food and drink. In fact, it is not enough to stand under the umbrella to say safe from the risks from the sea. Since prevention is better than intervening also and especially on vacation, here’s what you need to know for a day full of sun, salt and rest!

Reading is learned. Crosswords, sudoku and a good book are a must under the umbrella. Then along with the novel and favorite authors, you can also reserve some time to read the diet of biotypes , by the endocrinologist and nutritionist Serena Missori, editions LSWR, which we give an advance in a precious guidebook:

  • Exposure to time. It is not enough to avoid only the hottest and most central hours of the day to protect yourself from the risk of sunburn and skin damage, you must also count the hours of exposure. In fact, too much sun can favor vasodilation, with possible disturbances for the whole organism. So what is the anti-heat and anti-swelling strategy of blood vessels? Soak your legs, at least for 15 minutes every 45 days of exposure to the sun, favoring a generalized cooling effect. It does not matter if you choose to sit on the water’s edge or prefer to walk, it is essential to respect this temporal rule. A simple but effective action that avoids the retention of liquids especially on the ankles and feet as an effect of vasodilation, in fact!

  • Food and motorcycles. It is the rule, because the taedium vitae  and laziness have as a side effect the weight gain, even on holiday, so do not think you are exempt at this time of year. So you’re planning a bit of a bike; you do not need to plan running sessions in the open air, because you have a natural gym: water. It is possible, in fact, to make deep lunges up to the level of the groin, between one arm stroke and the other, while swimming, we mean, and where we touch. Not only does aquatic exercise help to dispose of calories but it also helps remodel thighs and buttocks. If you perform at least 20 lunges in water repeating them 4 times for all the days of beach vacation, the legs will acquire in slimming and the skin in smoothness. Try!

  • Fruit and water in the right quantities . It is a perfect and inseparable combination. In fact, the fruit naturally contains many sugars in high concentrations that if they are not diluted by an adequate water supply, that is from a glass of water every 150 grams of fruit, could favor the dehydration. This could result in obnoxious intestinal disorders; never be if the remedy is just a nice drink of water!

  • Food and drinks (almost) at room temperature. Cold foods and liquids are banned, especially if you have been exposed to the sun, because the sudden temperature change could cause a thermal shock. That is congestion, abdominal pain, cramps until fainting. In short, everything that is ingested on the beach must have a temperature as close to the body.

  • No sweet drinks. Or at least alternate with water. In fact, drinking only sugary substances, as mentioned, favors dehydration. So if the water alone does not seem to satisfy the taste, add a little ‘lemon: a compound that, often, not only purifies but also activates the metabolism, while keeping hydrated.

  • Thermal bag with icicles. They are the only conservative solution to preserve the goodness of food. Avoiding the bacterial proliferation of fruit and vegetables or the rancidity of other foods that can cause disorders and pains, especially intestinal.

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