4 good tips to face the first days of work

1. Show yourself rested, punctual, prepared

During the first days of work you will have to learn many things and prove yourself active and reactive. For this reason, try to rest enough and to sleep a sufficient number of hours to face the day with energy .

Wake up early and try to arrive a few minutes in advance, or at least be very punctual . This detail will help you to make a good impression to colleagues and managers, which is very important, whatever the type of placement with which you are inserted in the company. Of course, consider that it is always a good idea to get to the office on time, not just during the first few days.

Study in advance the data of the company so as not to get caught unprepared and demonstrate your interest: carefully analyze the information available on the internet and the company website, making sure to be prepared the first day of work.

2. Present yourself and meet your colleagues

Present yourself to other colleagues – if your manager does not introduce you – and try to remember as many names as possible. Do not isolate yourself, show yourself sociable and friendly, but without giving too much confidence . Listen and watch carefully the dynamics among colleagues, face conversations by adopting a bit of diplomacy and avoiding “uncomfortable” issues.

Remember the importance of framing the work environment and learning the tasks of each of the new colleagues . Do not be ashamed to ask for specific information about it, as your interest will surely be appreciated; Furthermore, these notions will be useful to you when you need to address someone for some specific need.

3. Ask questions and take notes

Pretending to know everything will not help you earn the esteem of your colleagues and could, in fact, prove counterproductive.

The opposite attitude is preferable: it shows humility and the desire to learn . Organize a list of questions to ask your manager during the first few days and do not worry about asking questions whenever you think it is necessary to solve a doubt : it is normal that you are curious and need to explain multiple aspects that you do not know about the company and your new job.

Always keep a notebook or diary handy to take notes and write down all the details you need to remember. This good practice will help you to organize your tasks more safely, avoiding annoyance by asking the same information repeatedly.

4. Organize your space and respect that of others

Get comfortable with your new work space. If you share the desk or some tools with other people, respect the established rules and learn where to store the objects and how to use them to ensure continuity to the proper functioning of everything.

Organize your desk in an efficient and orderly manner , remember that your space reflects your personality and the method with which you apply in the activities, therefore also at work.

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